coffee that entices your senses
and touches your soul.

About Baristas’ Corner

Baristas’ Corner is a purveyor of specialty coffees founded in Dubai. The brainchild of an Emirati entrepreneur, the specialty coffee company and coffeehouses were a result of having to chase a consistently exceptional cup of coffee that remained elusive. His single-minded passion for the quintessential cup prompted him to establish Baristas’ Corner to further explore the distinctive and diverse flavors of coffee and share this with the city’s dwellers.

Sublime Spaces

The design aesthetic at Baristas’ Corner strikes the right note by creating a welcoming and relaxing ambience for people seeking to escape the city’s frantic pace. Here, a tranquil place exists for coffee connoisseurs and caffeine addicts to celebrate the art of coffee and partake in a culture of sharing and discovery. Beyond coffee, Baristas’ Corner also serves select artisanal teas and fresh, delicious pastries.

Showcasing Authentic Expressions

The wide array of coffees at Baristas’ Corner are handpicked and are of exceptional grade with perfect ratios and flavor compositions. The single origin beans and bespoke blends are selectively sourced from different corners of the globe’s sustainable farms, estates, and roasters. Baristas’ Corner honors the finesse of the growers and pays homage to their remarkable cultivation and roasting skills. The talented and trained baristas follow precise brewing methods to deliver the ideal, fragrant cup.

The Road Ahead

At Baristas’ Corner, the future is always optimistic. There are major expansion plans lined up to make the consummate cup accessible to those curious and familiar about coffee’s enriching experience.